This summer my family hosted an orphan from Ukraine. We are really thinking of adopting her. How do I know that she is adoptable? Where do I start?

I have to admit that not all orphans, who come through hosting programs, are adoptable. Some of them lack certain legal features, which make them eligible for adoption. Features that make a child eligible for adoption are as follows: … Read more

After adoption in Ukraine my child needs a new Birth Certificate with my name as a parent on it. But my child was born in Crimea. Do I have to travel there to receive it?

No, you do not need to.

Any changes to be made to the birth records and birth certificates are called amendments to the Birth Record. After adoption has been adjudged, amendments need to be made to the Birth Record of the child which will require an issue of a new Birth Certificate to the newly adopted child. … Read more

Can I adopt my nephew – a citizen of Ukraine, if I have citizenship of a different country?

Yes, you can.

A citizen of a different country (alien) can adopt in Ukraine a child who is a national of Ukraine on the general basis set forth in the Family Code of Ukraine.

A child who is a national of Ukraine may be adopted by an alien if/after the child has been registered at the State Department for Adoption of Ukraine. Such registration must be for a period of one year in order to allow Ukrainian nationals chose this child for adoption. If the adopter is a child’s relative, such adoption may be effected prior to this time-limit.

Which citizenship are Ukrainian orphans in Crimea after Russian annexation of this territory?

Four thousand orphans left on the territory of annexed Crimea were given Russian citizenship without their consent. Representative of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights on the rights of the child, Oksana Filipishina, stated that Russia abused children’s rights, guaranteed by Chapter 8 of UN Convention. … Read more