Which citizenship are Ukrainian orphans in Crimea after Russian annexation of this territory?

Four thousand orphans left on the territory of annexed Crimea were given Russian citizenship without their consent. Representative of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights on the rights of the child, Oksana Filipishina, stated that Russia abused children’s rights, guaranteed by Chapter 8 of UN Convention. Without taking into account their views, these children were simply announced its citizens by another country.

Orphans are a separate category of Ukrainian citizens, which are under jurisdiction and protection of the government. After annexation, the new formed authorities issued Ukrainian orphans new birth certificates of Russian Federation on the grounds of which they receive Russian passports.

Ukrainian government confirm to the fact that children forced to Russian citizenship may cross the border between Russia and Ukraine after they reach the age when they can travel independently (without adult guardian). Though there is a problem in Ukrainian legislation which does not recognize any documents, issued by the authorities of the annexed Crimean territory, Ukraine has already established legal procedures which allow return to the Ukrainian citizenship to those, illegally forced to Russian citizenship.

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