Mistakes in the Documents. What if it happened?

Image of two business partners discussing documentsMistakes in the documents

Every person working with documents knows how easy it is to make a mistake. Sometimes they are simply inevitable. It is always a preference to redo it right away. But what if you cannot redo or retype an already notarized document and you need it to be corrected?

There is a special procedure of correcting mistakes in the documents.

Step 1. The notary, who notarized the document, corrects the mistake in handwriting, writing over a correct version so that it is clearly seen and is easily readable.

Step 2. In the bottom of the document this notary writes: Correction from “—“ to “—“ is true. The sentence correctly reads as follows: “—–.”

Step 3. The notary puts his seal and/or stamp to verify the changes.

This way your document even with corrections will be considered valid for any institution in Ukraine. As this rule is universal, it should apply to other countries as well.

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