Yes, and in fact these are different things.

DISSOLUTION of adoption takes place in cases when adoption, being legally performed and adjudged, did not work out for the child, for the family or both. If the child did not establish a bond to the family and shows disrespect to the adoptive parents and there is no way to improve the situation, dissolution of adoption can take place. Dissolution of adoption is a different from adoption type of legal process. It is not a constitution or confirmation of a fact, it is a dispute. Dissolution to adoption is to be adjudged by the same court which passed the verdict for adoption. Adoption dissolution may be performed after the verdict comes to force.

After adoption dissolution the child may chose which name to keep, the name before or after adoption. If the child was

There is a certain difference from ANNULMENT of adoption. If adoption case was tried based on falsified documents or if the parties of the case did not have the features of adoptive parents (were not allowed to become those) or if there were any illegal features to this adoption, unknown before the verdict was passed, such adoption shall be annulled by the same court which tried the adoption case.

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