Q: My Home Study was notarized on 7/11/2017 and I know it should be valid for a year, but commission of the notary who notarized it expired on 8/20/2017. Does it mean my Home study expired too?

A: No, it does not expire this way. Your Home Study will be valid for a year from the date it was signed. Notary’s commission validity matters on the day when your document is signed.

Q: My Home Study will be still valid for a year. My Home study agency’s license expires in two weeks. Will the expiration of this license make the home study expired too? Should I get a new license from the agency?

A: No, it will not. The principle is the same as with the notary’s commission. The agency’s license should be valid on the date when your home study is signed. If it expires in a week after, it will NOT make your Home Study expire.

Q: How long are my adoption documents are valid for? Are there those which last longer?

A: Documents for adoption in Ukraine are valid for a year from the date they are issued/signed. Each particular document matters. The documents are sewed in one big file-which makes your dossier for adoption. The date of the earliest document in your dossier will be the date your dossier expires. There is one exception of the document which is valid for 18 months from the date it was issued. It is I-171H form, which is issued by the Citizenship and Immigration Services.
Please NOTE: on the day of submission of your dossier in Ukraine, your documents can not be older than 6 months old.

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