Children Available for Adoption. Sibling Adoption. Special Needs Children.

CHILDREN AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION:  Unlike other countries, Ukraine does not permit pre-selection of children. The child identification process is done during adopting parents’ visit to the country or during personal meeting of the child during the hosting program. The Ukrainian government passed an amendment to the Family Code by which it’s forbidden to adopt a single child under 5 y.o., but if the child under 5 y.o. is in the sibling group, then it’s possible. For instance, one child should be older than 5 y.o. and the other one or two child/ren may be under 5 y.o.  Some younger children are available classified with serious medical conditions from about 6-9 months (list of diseases attached). Two or more children may be adopted in the same court hearing (in the same court region).

According to Ukrainian law, adopted children should keep Ukrainian citizenship until 18 years of age. The U.S. has recently passed a law which grants adopted children U.S. citizenship automatically upon adoption.

Waiting Period or Foster Care: A child must be registered for at least one year with the central adoption authority before he or she becomes eligible for international adoption.  It is possible to adopt a child from foster care, but it is a complicated and lengthy process.

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