List of the Documents to Adopt from Ukraine.

Prospective adopting parents must first register with the State Department for Adoption (SDA) under the Ministry for Social Policy of Ukraine (see Documentary Requirements below).


  1. Home Study (3 originals). Please make sure your Home Study has the following information:                                                                                                                                       
    • Address
    • Living conditions (number of bedrooms and that living conditions are suitable for the adopted child/ren; description of adopted child’s bedroom, number of persons living in the same bedroom with the adopted child/children if any, their gender, age and whether there is enough space for them)
    • Biography of the parents
    • Information on the biological children in the family
    • Information on the persons who reside with the family (if any)
    • Attitude of the Adoptive Candidates toward adoption
    • Trainings on adoption and upbringing of the adopted children
    • Indication that the perspective adoptive parents are aware of the requirements for adoption from Ukraine
    • Information on the income of the family (calculation for each member) with reference to the Federal Register Notice for current year’s Poverty Guidelines, indicating whether the family exceeds the poverty guideline established for the state of their residence. The adoptive parents’ registration can be denied if the total income of the adoptive family is lower than the US government determined poverty level. So, it is necessary to indicate in the Home Study that the income of the family with future adopted children is higher than minimum income level determined by the US government for families of (number of family members including the adopted child/children); thus the family has satisfactory, etc. financial means to provide for the adopted children.
    • Information on the children, adopted by the Adoptive Candidates (if any), their health condition, development, upbringing, living conditions, post placement supervision they are getting, etc. For the families who previously adopted from Ukraine it is necessary to apply for a letter-confirmation from the Embassy/Consulate of Ukraine that they have registered their adopted children and annually submit reports required by Ukraine on time. This information (proper registration and reporting) should also be indicated in the Home Study.
    • In Home Study Recommendation chapter the following should be indicated: the number of the children the family is approved to adopt, their age, medical issues or special needs the adoptive parents are open to. If the family is open to adopt a child with special needs, a complete list of such special needs should be provided.
    • The conclusion should clearly state that it is the agency/social worker’s recommendation for this family to adopt a child or children of this particular age, (not just the family’s own preference), also it must be stated that Ukraine is the country of adoption.
    • The Home Study should have recommendations on adaptation activities to the new environment, language, special skills and conditions for education and development of the child.
    • The Home study should have information that perspective adoptive parents have never been recognised incapable by court, or deprived of their parental rights; that previous adoption/s (if any) have never been cancelled or annulled; that  the children have never been taken away from this family, and they never refused to raise their biological or adopted children. (IMPORTANT!!!)
  2. Adoption Agency’s license copy (3 notarized copies) If completed by a non-governmental entity, a copy of the license authorizing this entity to conduct Home Studies must be included.
  3. A copy of the Hague accreditation of the child placing agency. (3 notarized copies) (this is a new requirement!)
  4. Social Worker’s license copy. (3 notarized copies) Not required if the SW is employed by the agency, in case the Agency’s license notarized copy is provided.
  5. New Requirement! 3 Notarized and Apostiled letters from the child placing agency/ Main Service Provider/ indicating that the Adoptive Candidates and the Supervising Agency entered into an agreement about the following: The agency and the perspective adoptive parents are obliged to submit timely reports according to the requirements of Ukraine, such as: to inform the Consulate or Diplomatic Mission of Ukraine of any extraordinary cases or a change of the adopted child’s place of residence, on possible cancellation of the adoption or on the transfer of the adopted child for upbringing to other foreigners or to the facilities for orphans and children deprived of parental care, as well as on taking the child away, on the cases of violation of the rights and legitimate interests of the adopted child, of  significant deterioration of health condition of the child, any accidents or death of the adopted child, etc.
  6. Entrance and permanent residence permit from the USCIS. (for the adopted child to enter and live in the country, issued by the competent authority in the adoptive parents country.) Comment: For American citizens, the Form I-171H (the USCIS approval form) is issued as this document. INS indicates in this form which Embassy or Consulate will process the immigrant VISA for the adopted child. State “Kyiv, Ukraine” in the I-171H form. Please contact the American Citizens Services Department for more information. Note: Adoption of 16-year old child requires submission of I-600 before the child turns 16 (18, if adopted with younger siblings). Read more about it here.
  7. FBI Clearances for both adoptive parents. Please note that these leters are different from those which you receive while preparing the Home Study. The ones you get for the Home Study are electronic responce letters, which do not have an official signature of the officer who issued them. Please apply to the FBI headquarters office and ask for an official responce TO BE SUBMITTED INTERNATIONALLY.
  8. Income proofs ( Federal Income Return -Form 1040) for the previous year, or a letter from an employer stating an income for the past six month. NOTE: For the US Embassy in Kiev you may bring either a copy of your most recent tax return, or your last year’s W2 statements, or 2-3 recent pay stubs. Any of these will suffice.
  9. Proof of Home Ownership/Rental Documents. A notarized copy or an original of the document confirming ownership or rental rights of the adoptive parents for their house or apartment, indicating total and living (heated) area as well as number of bedrooms.
  10. Medical Information for each adoptive parent. A specific medical form must be completed. Although the form instructs parents to visit eight separate specialists, the parents may simply visit their family doctor. The doctor must complete the form in its entirety. The doctor must also include an official and authenticated statement that the parents are not drug addicts, and that they do not have syphilis or HIV/AIDS. Blood tests should confirm this. Also your doctor should have a license and it should be attached. The license copy is unnecessary if the medical letter is printed on a letter-head paper of the clinic. To avoid any mistakes, USE the forms that are loaded from this website only.
  11. Copy of the doctors’ licenses, notarized. The license copy is unnecessary if the medical letter is printed on a letter-head paper of the clinic.
  12. Copies of the passports or other identification papers, notarized (4 copies for each adoptive parent). If one prospective adoptive parent is not an American citizen, a copy of the Permanent Resident Card, notarised must be included in the same amount of 4.
  13. Copies of marriage certificate (2 copies) received from the County Clerk office or Office of Vital Records. Where to obtain Birth and Marriage certificates – gov  Note: Ukraine also recognizes photocopies of the Marriage Certificate, notarized and Apostiled (2 copies)
  14. Letter of obligation – Registration commitment (2 copies). The prospective adoptive parents must commit, in writing, to register their child with the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in the United States within one month of the completion of the adoption. The parents also agree to complete the post-adoption progress reports, etc. Comment: It is important to realize that by signing such statement parents assume an obligation to comply with the requirement of Ukrainian law to register an adopted child with the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in the U.S. within 30 days after adoption to the U.S. Non-compliance with the registration requirement has been subject of numerous complaints from SDA and may have a very negative impact on international adoptions in Ukraine. Also, please note that SDA sends a copy of this document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for further transmission to the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulates in the United States to improve their oversight of the registration process.
  15. Statement for Interpol Check (3 copies) It is signed by both parents, authorising the SDA to request the clearances for them through the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and Interpol until the adopted child reaches 18 years of age.
  16. Petition to adopt.
  17. Database management affidavit (3 copies). Since January 2012, SDA demands an extra document, a statement about your consent to process your data for their database. If the child is being adopted by one of the parents, the Statement should be completed in the one parent’s name only.
  18. If the family had completed an adoption from Ukraine before, they should provide a letter from the Consulate/Embassy of Ukraine which will state that the family has fulfilled their obligation on registering of the child with this Ukrainian authority. It is written in a standard form which the Embassy/Consulate was informed of.

NOTE: On the date of submission of your documents to the State Department for Adoption, they should remain valid for at least six months on the day of submission. Documents are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance or notarization, except for the I-171H form, which is valid for 18 months. Additional documents may be requested. If you are asked to provide proof that a document from the United States is authentic, American Embassy in Kiev can help you.

Please note that ALL documents from the list must be separate documents, e.g. one cannot be part of another.


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