Appointment at the State Department for Adoption. Referral.

The State Department for Adoption (SDA), a central adoption authority in Ukraine, maintains the database of adoptable children available for both domestic and intercountry adoptions. Its workers will help you identify and meet a child to adopt.  If you are eligible to adopt, and the SDA approves your application, you will receive an appointment (invitation) to visit the SDA.  At this appointment SDA officials will show you information about orphans eligible for intercountry adoption, and issue a letter of referral to allow you to visit the orphanage to meet and establish contact with a child, and check his or her medical records.

As of December 1, 2008 the SDA will allow only three appointments to each adoptive family to look at the children’s files.  If you have not chosen a child after the third appointment, your adoption dossier will be returned to you immediately.  To request a second/third appointment you will need to submit a notarized statement with your dossier to the SDA and then they officially have ten business days to respond with the date of your second/third appointment but it usually happens faster.  The SDA also limits the number of adoption referrals issued to each family to two referrals.

Each family must decide for itself whether or not they will be able to meet the needs of a particular child and provide a permanent family placement for the referred child.

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