Pre-Adoption Medical Examination

While meeting a child at the orphanage, you will be shown his/her medical history.  If any doubts arise, or if you would like to get more details on the child’s health condition, you may request an additional medical check-up of the child (including blood tests etc.).  According to the law, every prospective parent has the right for additional pre-adoption medical examination of the child conducted by a private physician in the presence of the orphanage staff member.

Parents should make every effort to thoroughly understand the medical conditions diagnosed by local physicians.  Your facilitator and/or interpreter need to be competent to translate and explain complex medical diagnoses.  Knowledge of the child’s medical conditions is required for the I-604 interview at U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.  Parents should verify that medical reports from the orphanage are thorough and reflect all information provided to the Ukrainian court for the hearing.

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