Post Adoption Documents for the Child

New Birth Certificate.

The local RAGS office (Ukrainian abbreviation for Office of Vital Records) issues a post-adoption certificate of birth for an adopted child based on the final court decree and the original (pre-adoption) birth certificate.  The pre-adoption birth certificate is not be returned to the adopting parents, so parents should make sure that they make a copy of the pre-adoption birth certificate before handing it over to the RAGS authorities.

Adopting parents should make sure that there are no discrepancies in the spelling of names of the parents and children in the court decree.  If noticed, please ask the court clerk to correct them immediately.  Failure to do so may cause delays in issuing the post-adoption birth certificate and in authenticating Ukrainian documents.

International Passport.

Once the post-adoption birth certificate is obtained, parents may apply for a passport for their child at the local Office of Visas and Registration.  Parents are required to present a written and notarized statement requesting that the travel document be issued.  The post-adoption birth certificate, final court decree, and 4 passport-size photos of the child have to be submitted along with the statement.  The new name of the adopted child in the travel document may be spelled in English transliterated from Ukrainian, so it may look different from what appears on the parents’ passport.  There is no need for concern as long as the child’s name in Ukrainian on the travel document is the same as in the court decree.  However, parents can request that the correct English spelling be noted on the blank page in the passport.

At the time the passport is issued, a special, mandatory stamp is put in it showing that the child is departing Ukraine for permanent residence abroad.  Although under Ukrainian law immigration authorities have up to ten working days to issue passports for adopted children, they are often issued earlier, especially if the child requires medical care.

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