Time Frame and Adoption Process


Here is an average schedule for adoption in Ukraine. Please, take into consideration that the time frame varies depending on many factors. This whole adoption process, on average, takes approximately 2-5 months. Some factors that could extend the process: distant travels, Ukrainian and US holidays, weekends, judges or officials on vacation. Also if you adopt unrelated children, the process will take longer than usual, because there should be two separate processes, especially if children are in different orphanages. Steps towards the goal:

Steps Description
1. Dossier submission. The Ministry of Social Policy (MSP) considers dossiers for about 25-35 days and then invites you to an appointment (appointment date may be approximately in 1,5-2 months after your dossier has been submitted).
2. Arrival at Kyiv airport.
3. Appointment at the MSP. The MSP officer will ask a general questions about your family to get acquainted and then will provide you with information about children available for international adoption. If you have a specific child in your mind, you will be shown this child’s file along with general information about him/her.
4. The referral (permission to see the child) will be issued on the next day and will be available to pick up from 4-6 pm.
5. Trip to the orphanage to meet the child.
6. Before going to the orphanage, you meet with the Inspector from the local Children’s Services Office.. She/he will take the referral from the SDA and issue a letter-permission to visit the child at the orphanage.
7. The family is allowed to take as much time as they want to establish the contact with the child (taking place at a certain time and place for meetings at the orphanage) up to the time when the family is ready to make decision on adoption. (1-10 days appr.) Your referral for the child is valid for 10 business days, thus your decision should be made prior to its expiration.
8. Foreign Service Provider will need to compile all needed paperwork in the region of adoption in order to receive the Assessment on Adoption* from the local Children’s Services and the Permission for Adoption* from the SDA.

*Assessment on Adoption* – official document issued as the result of the study of adoption files of both adoptive parents and an adoptee by the local Children’s Service recommending (or not recommending) adoptive parents for adoption of the child. (5-10 days to obtain)

*Permission for Adoption* – official document issued by the State Department for Adoption, addressed to the Court, recommending (or not recommending) adoptive parents for adoption of the child. (10 business days to obtain) Letters are filed and dismissed on: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 2:00-4:00 pm

9. Filing your case with the court (while or after permission from the SDA), obtain the date of the court hearing. The court hearing can be set up in 7-30+ days (Depends on the region, but usually is set around after the time when the Permission from the SDA is ready -in 10-20 business days)
10. Court Hearing. After the court hearing there will be a 30-day waiting period (regular days) for Court Decree to come into force. One parent (or both) may fly home. If one parent does not plan to come back, he/she needs to set up an appointment at the US Embassy to sign all necessary forms for the child’s visa before his/her departure. The process may be completed with one parent only. This may require additional documents, thus may require extra expenses which will be adoptive parents’ responsibility.
11. After Court Decree comes into force adoptive parents may apply for a new birth certificate with names of adoptive parents in it. (up to 3 business days to obtain)
12. Filing for a Passport (traveling document) for an adopted child. (5-30+ business days to obtain)
13. Finalization of the process which includes medical examination and US Embassy appointment to obtain the visa for an adopted child.

Medical examination is a part of Visa Obtaining process. It takes 1-3+ business days to perform. Medical examination takes place at a specialized US accredited medical agency; appointment starts at 9:00 AM and takes about 2 hours. It includes blood tests, chest X-ray and vaccinations (if necessary). Results are available after same day or next day after 2 PM.

14. US Embassy appointment for obtaining a Visa for the child. 3 days notice is required. (2-3 business days to obtain a visa).
15. Adoption process is complete. The family flies home.

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